Tuesday, September 13, 2011

How to Complete Bobsled Bonanza Mini Game in Plants Vs. Zombies (iPod Touch)

Bobsled Bonanza

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1. Here is the list of plants: Sunflower, Potato Mine, Peashooter, Jalapeno Plant, Imitator (Jalapeno Plant), Squash, Spike Weed, and Spike Rock. Continue planting the whole second lane with Sunflowers little by little.
2. Plant Sunflower on the first row before the first zombie arrives. You'll need a lot of sun for the Jalapeno Plant, Spike weed and Spike rock.
3. When a Zomboni arrives, use the squash, you need not to waste 125 sun (cost of Jalapeno Plant) for a Zomboni. When the Zombie Bobsled Team arrives, it is the time you use a Jalapeno Plant.
4. After killing the Zombie Bobsled Team and removing the ice lane, immediately put a Spike weed at the very last row in the lane you planted your Jalapeno Plant in.
5. If you saved enough sun, immediately put the Spike rock on Spike weed.
6. While doing this stuff, simultaneously plant Peashooters on the third, fourth and fifth row bit by bit depending on the need. Potato Mine can also be used on regular zombies if you are saving sun.
7. Just remember #3, Zomboni = Squash, Bobsled Team or Bobsled + Zomboni = Jalapeno Plant.
8. Either way, if you finished planting Spike rock on every lane, you need not worry about Zomboni or Bobsled Team destroying your formation.

Below is the final formation of plants I ended the level with. Note that the two Spike rock planted on further lanes are not planted on the very last row. This formation is specifically designed to get the Chill Out Achievement, see here why.

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